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Return Policy

Return application:

   *Goods once opened, can not be returned  (open outer sealing plastic film also considered the unsealing state)

   *Receive of goods more than seven days is not returnable.

   *Return application form:(example) 

            Name > Email > Phone Number > order No. > Remittance account (non-credit card payment) > reason for return

   *You may click on the upper right corner "MESSAGE", input above return application form or "order communication column"

   *After receiving a refund request, we will confirm with you as soon as possible.

   *We do not accept the part of the return, return the goods and invoice documents must be intact, original package.

   *When your return application is approved, delivery staff will go to the receiver address that  you fill out before to retrieve the goods.

   *When you submit a return request, which represents that you agree with the principle of our return policy,
       and accept our processing invalidate invoices and subsequent processing.

Return Policy:

   *If the credit card payment,  Confirmation of product recovery, we will refund the amount back to your credit card.

       The refund accounted for date varies according to the issuing bank for different dates, can contact the issuing bank to confirm

   *If payment though other method, please be sure to provide the correct remittance account after it has been confirmed, 10 days money back to your account

Can Not Be Return:

   *More than the 7-day Hesitation Period.

          According to "Consumer Protection Act", consumers have the 7-day Hesitation Period.

          (The next day of receiving the goods will be the first day)

          Hesitation Period is not the trial period.

  *To return order item has been opened in any one of (goods must be new state and with a complete package, including the                          encapsulating plastic film)       

   *Returned merchandise does not match with the order, not all return, or not properly wrapped so that the goods are damaged,  (Additional documents, please pays the postage)

   *An invoice is not attached with the returned merchandise back (by registered mail, the additional documents, please pay the postage)

   *Remittance Account filled in incorrectly.

   *Within ten working days of receiving the application for return, fill out incorrect data and are unable to contact you, will cancel your application.

   *Have arrange to take delivery, delivery personnel are unable to collect the goods after visited three times, will cancel your application, please understand.

   ☆ If you have other questions, please click on the upper right corner of the page "MESSAGE" to transmit information, we will reply as soon as possible.