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Cold Process Soap Knowledges

   *Cold Process Soap production process is less than 50 degrees (Celsius), compared to high temperature thermal processes such as industrial soap.
    * The raw of materials are natural oils, alkalis and water, which are saponified to form soap and produce about 20% natural glycerin.
    *After 1 to 4 months of ripening, it can be used.

  * Cleansing without burden: Condensed handmade soap is a natural surfactant.
     It is different from industrial soap or lotion using petrochemical surfactant, foaming agent, chemical flavoring pigment, moisturizer      and bacteriostatic agent.
    * Moisturizing: The condensation method retains the natural active ingredients in the oil.
       The resulting glycerin is an excellent skin moisturizer.
    *Environmental love for the earth: Condensed handmade soap will be completely decomposed by microorganisms in nature without contaminating soil and water.

    * Clear, moist, and Peace Soap for condensing handmade soap.
    * Add natural plant extracts.
    * Use pure vegetable oil with traceable source.
    * Do not add any petrochemical surfactants, foaming agents, chemical flavoring pigments, moisturizers and bacteriostatic agents.

  * FXH (clear, moist, Peace) handmade soap is full of natural Nutritution soap,no burden to your body, it is recommended to use for a long time.
   * The average metabolic process of skin cells is about one month. The younger the skin, the faster the metabolism. About 15 days before 25 years old, about 40 days after 40 years old.
    Long-term use of Fuxi handmade soap to make your skin look fresh and youthful.